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Bow Down to Bigfoot Black

...Why aren't you bowing?

Sirius the Superior. Sirius Black is also OK.
4 August
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Well, since you're forcing me to talk about myself, I guess I could oblige.

Sirius Black here, Incontestable Wonder Boy of Hogwarts and Slightly Less Than Official Winner of Hogwarts' Most Talented (and Handsome) Student Prize for 1972-1975.

No surprises there, naturally.

What am I good at? Oh, name anything and you know that I'm probably better at it than you: Quidditch, Charms, Transfiguration, hexing Snivellus, Defense Against the Dark Arts, receiving detentions, bagging out Peter, stuffing my face, being handsome, sleeping, plotting with James, being a Gryffindor, annoying Regulus...

Basically, I've got it all. And more.